Talamo software development kit

Rapidly develop and deploy next-generation neuromorphic AI 

The powerful Talamo Software Development Kit (SDK) enables comprehensive development of application software. Using a PyTorch integrated environment, Talamo offers developers a familiar workflow to build and deploy powerful end-to-end AI models onto the Spiking Neural Processor. The standard PyTorch framework greatly simplifies development, while an extension to the framework introduces all the infrastructure necessary for building and training spiking neural networks.

Talamo also integrates compilation capabilities that enable trained models to be mapped onto the heterogeneous computing fabric of the SNP. Finally, an architecture simulator enables emulation of the hardware for fast validation and iteration cycles.

Download workflow

End-to-end applications
Build complete application pipelines with custom functions, signal processing, and neural networks

No SNN expertise required
Start building applications without SNN expertise. Plug and play models provided.

Profile and optimize
Profile your solution and carry out fast design iterations

Standard deep learning workflow
Integrate your existing functions and networks within a standard PyTorch based flow